Parent Organization: University of Manitoba

Our location: University Centre, room 518Contact: ph. 474-9850Email: foodbank@cc.umanitoba.ca
The University of Manitoba Food Bank seeks to reduce hunger on campus by providing food donations to full-time students who cannot afford safe, healthy, acceptable food. The Food Bank is a resource to facilitate learning and we are committed to offering confidential, caring service to those in need.
Company Overview
The University of Manitoba Food Bank evolved out of the growing need for additional assistance for students coping with the financial costs of post secondary education. The program began as a referral system by which students expressing a need for supplementary food sources would be directed to off campus food banks. However, a growing number of referrals displayed an increased need for an on camp...See more
The University of Manitoba Food Bank is committed to providing quality, accessible food for students needing assistance. The Food Bank is a joint program between the University of Manitoba, through the Office of Student Affairs and the University of Manitoba Students' Union (UMSU). The Food Bank is meant to supplement the needs of students and is dedicated to providing a confidential and respectful service for students.
General information
Food Bank Coordinator: Teri Seifert

Hours of Operation: Mon., Wed.,Thurs. and Friday: 9am-4pm
Tues.: 9am-5:30pm

Address 518 University Centre