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Youth Advisory Council for the CBCF (YAC)

The Youth Action Committee UofM members will work on campus to educate their peers about breast cancer. Additionally, YAC members seek to create fundraisers and other events to bring the community together, and spread awareness simultaneously.

Youth for Family and Life (YFL) and Singles for Family and Life (SFL) Campus Based (YFL and SFL Campus Based)

YFL and SFL Campus Based is a ministry of Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life (CFC-FFL) Manitoba that caters youth and singles who are in currently in UofM. It strives to promote the value of family and life in the lives of young people.

Youth Parliament of Manitoba (YPM)

An organization devoted to fostering amongst the youth of Manitoba an understanding of, an interest in, and an engagement with the Canadian democratic parliamentary process and, in so doing, to encourage the growth of the individual and their abilities.