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U of M Magic Major (UMMM)

Magic is not tricks, it is an art of creating the impoosibilities, and making dreams come true. We gather magic enthusiasts on campus to share and promote the art of magic.

Ukrainian Students' Association (USA)

An organization established at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 2001; A constituent member of the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union (SUSK).

UM Chinese Community Club (UMCCC)

University of Manitoba Chinese Community Club (UMCCC) is a subdivision and supported by Manitoba Chinese Community Center (MCCC) which is a non-profit organization under the government of Manitoba.

UM chinese students social club

organize new student welcome program for the new comer students. shared life skill with students in the social media. organized social activities for the students , during the holidays, such as Christmas, Chinese new year.

UM ecoMotion (ecoMotion)

UM ecoMotion exists for University of Manitoba students to enter the Shell Eco-Marathon competition by designing, building, and testing an energy efficient vehicle.

UM Masters Toastmasters

UM Masters Toastmasters club has an 18 years long celebrated history of helping people develop confidence in their speaking and improve their listening, thinking and speaking skills.

UManitoba Bioethics Interest Group (UM-BIG)

UM-BIG was created to enable students to engage with issues in bioethics and health policy by disseminating information through lectures, book (literature) clubs, and research projects.

UManitoba Speaker Series Council (UMSSC)

The UManitoba Speaker Series Council presents lectures to U of M students interested in topics that motivate and inspire throughout the Academic year.

UManitoba Undergraduate Leaders in Healthcare (UM-ULH)

UM-ULH exists to bring together students interested in healthcare, to learn more about their fields of interest, to discuss current topics in Canadian Healthcare, and serve as a platform for interdisciplinary networking with healthcare professionals.

Umanitoba UNICEF (UofM UNICEF)

UManitoba UNICEF is an advocate for children that seek to raise awareness and funding for children in need internationally and locally through charitable and social events.

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