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Big Horns, The

The Big Horns are a student group that aim to increase campus spirit. We help students find a sense of belonging at the U of M through participation in on campus events, facilitation of friendships and role modeling of positive and supportive behaviour.

Precious Stones (PS)

Precious Stones is a Christian based organisation committed to discipleship, mentorship and charitable support to less fortunate members of the society.

Undergraduate Political Studies Students' Association (UPSSA)

Our mission is to generate enthusiasm about political studies through the organization of social and academic events; to represent the interests of students before the Department and other bodies; and to cultivate a sense of community among our members.

University of Manitoba Car Club (U.M.C.C.)

We are a local Car Club developed by students currently enrolled at the university of Manitoba. Our administrators are spread across multiple faculties and come from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to create an environment where people can come together

University of Manitoba League of Legends Group (UM LoL)

The UMLoL student group exists to bring together students interested in recreational/competitive gaming, to organize regular social events for the Manitoba LoL community, and to provide a forum for discussion of gaming-related issues.