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AOSS is founded on the basis of the Punjabi language, which represents students and scholars who speak and write Punjabi; students and scholars who want to learn to speak and write Punjabi; students and scholars who are interested in the Punjabi Language.

Arab Jewish Dialogue on Campus (AJDOC)

This group allows Jewish and Arab students to come together in a safe space to discuss the Arab-Israeli Conflict and learn from each other.

Association of International Management Students (AIMS)

The Association of International Management Students (AIMS) is an integrative student-led organization for international exchange students and Canadian students to come together.

Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers – University of Manitoba Student Group (AKCSE-UManitoba)

This club is to provide a network of support and resources for the professional and academic development of inspiring young Korean students interested in science and engineering.

Big Horns, The

The Big Horns are a student group that aim to increase campus spirit. We help students find a sense of belonging at the U of M through participation in on campus events, facilitation of friendships and role modeling of positive and supportive behaviour.

Bison's Punjabi Dance Group (BPDG)

Bison Punjabi Dance Group is an UMSU student group where students gather to learn, participate & perform in various types of dances in the Punjabi culture. The group also conducts workout/aerobics classes in the form of Bhangra Aerobics.

B'nai Brith OnCampus -Winnipeg (BBOnCampus-Wpg)

BB OnCampus-Wpg is the Student component of The League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada, to facilitate an effective communication and promote educational and advocacy programs that focus in Human Rights issues and fight discrimination.

Building Bridges, UofM

The group aims to aid in healthy and appropriate development of inner city youth through raising awareness regarding concerns relevant to inner city and Aboriginal communities. Regular classroom visits to schools constitutes the majority of our work.

CHESED (Korean Christian Group) (C-KCG)

This group provides opportunities for students to learn about God, and to guide them through their journey in faith. The group will particularly support Korean international students and help 1.5 and 2nd generation Korean students in various ways.

Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA)

The University of Manitoba Chinese Students and Scholars Association is an official organization. We aim to promote friendship and communication between Chinese and Canadian student communities.

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