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College of Rehabilitation Sciences Students' Association (CoRS-SA)

College of Rehabilitation Sciences Student Council (CoRS-SC) is the student governing body that represents all students within the College of Rehabilitation Sciences Students' Association (CoRS-SA).

Community Health-Information and Research Partnership (CHIRP)

CHIRP is a student-driven initiative that seeks to assist community based organizations in Winnipeg fill their research and evaluation needs by leveraging the passion, skills and resources that can be found in universities and among students.

Iranian Students' Association (UMISA)

U of M Iranian Student Association is a non-political, non-religious group, which aims to bring students, with interest in Iranian Heritage together . The Association will organize cultural events as well as member meetings.

Manitoba Dental Hygiene Students Association (MDHSA)

School of Dental Hygiene Student Council

Manitoba Medical Students Association (MMSA)

The MMSA is the student organization for medical students at the University of Manitoba.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Founded by the Muslim Students at the University of Manitoba. A diverse group of people ranging from undergrads to graduate students even faculty. Backgrounds from Indonesia, Turkey, Sengal, and in between.

Precious Stones (PS)

Precious Stones is a Christian based organisation committed to discipleship, mentorship and charitable support to less fortunate members of the society.

UManitoba Undergraduate Leaders in Healthcare (UM-ULH)

UM-ULH exists to bring together students interested in healthcare, to learn more about their fields of interest, to discuss current topics in Canadian Healthcare, and serve as a platform for interdisciplinary networking with healthcare professionals.

University Of Manitoba Liberals (UofM LIberals)

The aim of this student group is to facilitate the organization of youths interested with politics of the Liberal Party Canada, with the prime aim of engaging youths and the student body in the political process.