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Big Horns, The

The Big Horns are a student group that aim to increase campus spirit. We help students find a sense of belonging at the U of M through participation in on campus events, facilitation of friendships and role modeling of positive and supportive behaviour.

Bison Sports

Connect with us if you are interested in volunteering at Bison sporting events!

Bison's Punjabi Dance Group (BPDG)

Bison Punjabi Dance Group is an UMSU student group where students gather to learn, participate & perform in various types of dances in the Punjabi culture. The group also conducts workout/aerobics classes in the form of Bhangra Aerobics.


Check out our website to learn more about CanU, Want to volunteer with CanU?? Click on the volunteer tab on our website and fill out a short application!

Chinese Soccer Club

University of Manitoba Chinese Soccer Club opens to all Chinese students who love playing soccer, watching soccer or simply willing to start to play soccer and make friends on and off soccer field!

Cosmos Bisons Cricket Association (Bisons Cricket)

Bisons Cricket will be the Cricket Association that connects students with opportunity to learn, develop and compete in the Manitoba Cricket Association's cricket leagues. We want to connect U of M students with the cricketing community in Winnipeg.

Kinesiology Games 2017 (KG2017)

The Kinesiology Games are the largest student led Kinesiology conference in Canada. During March 2017 The University of Manitoba will host over 800 students from 35 schools. This group encompasses the planning committee working to execute this event.

Law Games 2017 (Law Games)

Every year, law students from across Canada gather at a host law school to participate in a 5-day annual event that includes sports and academic competitions. This year the host law school is University of British Columbia.

Manitoba Kinesiology Games Students' Association (MKGSA)

A group of students from the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management who go to the largest student run conference in Canada, The Kinesiology Games.

Precious Stones (PS)

Precious Stones is a Christian based organisation committed to discipleship, mentorship and charitable support to less fortunate members of the society.

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