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College of Rehabilitation Sciences Students' Association (CoRS-SA)

College of Rehabilitation Sciences Student Council (CoRS-SC) is the student governing body that represents all students within the College of Rehabilitation Sciences Students' Association (CoRS-SA).

Commerce Socials Promo Squad (CSPS)

The Commerce Socials Promo Squad, led by the Commerce Students' Association social programmers is an inclusive group that aims to enhance the student experience by providing students with volunteer opportunities and experience in marketing and promotions

Commerce Students' Association (CSA)

The Commerce Students' Association is a not for profit organization that represents the students of the Asper School of Business and provides over 60 events and services to the student body.

Community Health-Information and Research Partnership (CHIRP)

CHIRP is a student-driven initiative that seeks to assist community based organizations in Winnipeg fill their research and evaluation needs by leveraging the passion, skills and resources that can be found in universities and among students.

Computer Science Students' Association (CSSA)

Welcome to all and founded on the needs of computer science students. We provide students with a safe place to study, converse, and relax. We represent the students needs to the department and also coordinate events and activities.

Cosmos Bisons Cricket Association (Bisons Cricket)

Bisons Cricket will be the Cricket Association that connects students with opportunity to learn, develop and compete in the Manitoba Cricket Association's cricket leagues. We want to connect U of M students with the cricketing community in Winnipeg.

Creation and Biblical Inspiration Group for Students (CBIG)

We are dedicated to upholding the inerrancy of the Bible from Genesis 1:1. We are a young earth creationist group, but don't focus only on origins issues. Ultimately, we are Christ centred, seeking to remove doubts about the Bible and its message.

Culture for Kindness (CFK)

A student driven program dedicated to helping those in need. Whether someone is old, young, experienced, or inexperienced, CFK helps individuals find a way to make a difference in the community.